Camping Boutique’s Camping Activities collection features a portable range of Projectors & Screens offering a unique way to enhance your outdoor adventures. This collection is perfect for relaxing after a busy day and watching a romantic meal with a glass of wine, catching up on the football, or entertaining the kids.

Camping Boutique’s Projectors & Screens category encompasses a range of high-quality products designed to enhance outdoor entertainment experiences.

Our Projectors & Screens collection includes versatile projectors like the 4k Android TV Projector, Mini LED Smartphone Projector, and Portable 4k Mini Projector, catering to a variety of viewing preferences and technological needs.

It also features projection screens such as the Portable Outdoor Projector Screen and Simple Foldable Projection Screen, offering solutions for every setting from compact campsites to large group gatherings. Each product combines portability with performance, ensuring your camping adventures are accompanied by top-notch visual entertainment.

  • 4k Android TV Projector: Offers high-definition visuals with smart connectivity, ideal for streaming in outdoor settings.
  • Mini LED Smartphone Projector: Compact and user-friendly, it’s perfect for enhancing smartphone content viewing under the stars.
  • Portable 4k Mini Projector: Combines 4k resolution in a portable design, ensuring cinema-quality screenings anywhere.
  • Portable Outdoor Projector Screen: Easy to set up and dismantle, this screen is designed for the outdoors, providing a clear and large viewing surface.
  • Simple Foldable Projection Screen: Offers flexibility and convenience with its easy folding design, suitable for quick setups and various outdoor conditions.