Black Snow Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag for Winter


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Despite its thin appearance, goose down is incredibly soft and fine. When you rest in a sleeping bag, the down has the remarkable ability to draw in your body heat, causing it to expand

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Introducing the Black Snow Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag for Winter – your perfect companion for cold adventures. Crafted with precision and engineered for warmth, this sleeping bag is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s why it’s the ultimate choice for your winter excursions:

Unmatched Insulation: Our sleeping bag features 95% white goose down filling material, ensuring exceptional warmth and comfort in even the coldest conditions. Down is renowned for its incredible fluffiness, trapping warm air efficiently to keep you toasty all night long.

Innovative Thermal Design: The Black Snow sleeping bag boasts a unique design that minimizes air convection, creating a protective insulation layer that shields you from the frigid outside temperatures. This means you stay cozy inside, while the cold air remains at bay.

Premium Quality Zipper: We understand the importance of a reliable zipper. That’s why we’ve incorporated an internationally renowned brand’s zipper into our design. No more struggling with stuck zippers in the middle of the night – it’s smooth sailing with the Black Snow sleeping bag.

Built to Last: Crafted with durable taffeta shell material, this sleeping bag can withstand years of rigorous use. You can trust it to accompany you on countless adventures, season after season.

Waterproof Peace of Mind: While the Black Snow sleeping bag can handle light rain, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to wet conditions. Your comfort and warmth are our top priorities, and this sleeping bag is designed with that in mind.

Spacious Footbox: Our innovative footbox design provides extra room for your feet, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep without sacrificing warmth. Say goodbye to cramped toes!

Enhanced Foot Insulation: To keep your feet extra warm, we’ve added insulation in the bottom of the sleeping bag, preventing any chilly drafts from reaching your toes.

Package Contents: Each package includes one Black Snow Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag and a convenient black storage sack.


  • Shell Fabric: 400T 20D Nylon
  • Filling Material: 95% White Goose Down
  • Size: 210cm*80cm (Loose place)*50cm (Narrow place)
  • Filling Power: 800

Tailored for Taller Adventurers: For individuals taller than 185cm, we recommend opting for our extended length option, providing an additional 15cm of space. Please note that the color option is exclusively black.

Connect for Comfort: Have a partner joining you on your adventure? With two Black Snow sleeping bags, it’s a breeze to create a cozy couples sleeping bag. Simply zip them together, and you’re all set for a shared warmth-filled night. If you purchase two sleeping bags, we’ll send you a left zipper and a right zipper for seamless assembly. If you’re buying just one, please specify your zipper preference in the order notes.

Don’t let winter chill your outdoor spirit. Invest in the Black Snow Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag and experience the warmth, comfort, and durability that will elevate your winter adventures to a whole new level. Embrace the cold with confidence. Order yours today!


Comfortable temperature

0℃ ~ 10℃


-5℃ ~ 5℃

(23℉ ~ 41℉ )

-10℃ ~ 0℃

(14℉~32℉ )

-20℃ ~ -8℃

(5 ℉ ~ 23℉ )

-30℃ ~ -15℃

(-4℉ ~ 14℉)

Limit temperature

-3℃ ~ 3℃

(26℉~37℉ )

-8℃ ~ 0℃

(17℉~32℉ )

-13℃ ~ -3℃

(8℉ ~ 26℉)

-20℃ ~ -8℃

( -4℉~17℉)

-30℃ ~ -15℃

(-22℉ ~ 5℉ )

Fill weight






White goose down

95% White goose down

Shell Fabric

400T 20D Nylon




YKK Zipper

Sleeping bag size


Total weight







Sleeping bag weight 850g, The weight of filled down is 400g,Comfort temperature:0~10 degree centigrade

Sleeping bag weight 1150g, The weight of filled down is 700g,Comfort temperature:-5~5 degree centigrade

Sleeping bag weight 1450g, The weight of filled down is 1000g,Comfort temperature:-10~0 degree centigrade

Sleeping bag weight 1750g, The weight of filled down is 1300g,Comfort temperature:-15~-5 degree centigrade

Sleeping bag weight 2050g, The weight of filled down is 1650g,Comfort temperature:-20~-10 degree centigrade


The insulation mechanism of goose down:

Despite its thin appearance, goose down is incredibly soft and fine. When you rest in a sleeping bag, the down has the remarkable ability to draw in your body heat, causing it to expand. This expansion effectively creates a barrier against the cold external air, ensuring warmth retention.

In colder conditions, it may seem thin initially, but as it captures and holds your warmth, it naturally thickens. This adaptive behavior is entirely normal and ensures your comfort.

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Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag for Winter detailsGoose down sleeping bagBlack Snow Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag for Winter compressed


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Additional information





Model Number



Down Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category

Winter Sleeping Bag




Cold Weather




Goose Down


Spring & Autumn,summer,Winter

Single/Double Sleeping Bag

Splicing Single Sleeping Bag


Standard (Suitable for 1.8 m Height and Below)

Comfortable Temperature Scale


Applicable People


Brand Name




Sleeping bag Weigth




10 reviews for Black Snow Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag for Winter

  1. r***r

    Solid sleeping bag, waiting for a field test. First impression on the plus.

  2. m***r

    It arrived faster than I expected, it looks good, the color and size (I have 178 cm and 100 kg) fit. I’ll test as soon as the temperatures drop.

  3. g***r

    It’s still before use, but when I use it at home, I am very much expected to use it during the national day. I think it’s best for this price.

  4. И***а

    The sleeping bag looks good, as stated by the manufacturer down, let’s see how it behaves in the mountains, delivery by courier is fast even ahead of schedule, it was also packed perfectly.

  5. a***r

    Everything with a sleeping bag is good! I order not the first time. The product is great. Recommend

  6. 천***정

    Very warm in cold weather ~ ~

  7. Customer

    Item exceeds my expectation. Thank you for sharing the knowledge that Goose Down retains warmth better than duck down. I slept in the ceramic-tiled bathroom, and did not feel cold, quite comfortable. I ordered the 850g with 400g goose down.

  8. K***r

    The goods are accurate and the delivery is fast. Washed and went in from the house, it’s warm. Great for winter use.

  9. A***n

    This is the third sleeping bag. The seller is very nice and sociable. Put more fluff on 100g. Recommend

  10. C***n

    Feels good and a small package is made to transport. Fast and good shipping.

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