Teepee Tent with Chimney

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Why Choose the Teepee Tent with Chimney?

The Teppee Tent with Chimney offers great functionality for campers and bushcrafters to explore with. It can sleep up to 2 or comfortably for 1 camper with a raised camp bed at the back. The tent benefits from a wider A-frame and omits the traditional central pole to maximise space and comfort.

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Introducing the Ultimate Teepee Tent with Chimney: Your Sturdy and Functional Shelter for Unforgettable Camping Adventures!

Are you an adventurous spirit, a passionate camper seeking the perfect blend of durability and functionality in your camping gear? Look no further! Our cutting-edge Teepee Tent with Chimney is meticulously crafted to elevate your camping experience to new heights. Say goodbye to ordinary tents and embrace the ultimate camping companion.

Unparalleled Durability: Engineered with top-tier materials, this teepee tent is built to withstand the toughest of elements. The premium-grade, ripstop fabric ensures superior tear resistance, safeguarding you against unexpected tears and damages. Reinforced stitching and robust poles fortify the tent’s structure, guaranteeing longevity for years of memorable camping journeys.

Weatherproof Champion: Embrace Mother Nature with confidence! Our teepee tent is designed to tackle diverse weather conditions. The waterproof rainfly shields you from heavy rain, while the integrated groundsheet protects against ground moisture. Even in windy conditions, you can rely on the sturdy design and secure pole attachments to keep your shelter intact.

Functional Chimney Design: Stand out from the crowd with our unique chimney feature, offering an authentic camping experience like no other. The adjustable chimney vent efficiently expels smoke from campfires or stoves, ensuring a safe and comfortable atmosphere inside. Now you can enjoy the warmth and coziness of a campfire without worrying about ventilation.

Spacious and Comfortable: Comfort should never be compromised during your camping escapades. Our teepee tent provides ample space to accommodate you, your friends, and all your camping gear without feeling cramped. The smart design allows for standing height at the center, so you can move freely and feel more at home in the great outdoors.

Quick and Effortless Setup: We understand the value of your time on your camping trips. That’s why we’ve streamlined the setup process to save you precious minutes. With straightforward assembly instructions, you can pitch your teepee tent with ease, leaving you with more time to relish nature’s wonders.

Versatility Unleashed: Our teepee tent isn’t limited to just camping grounds; it’s a versatile marvel! Whether you’re exploring remote wilderness, hosting a backyard gathering, or attending a festival, this tent adapts to your needs, ensuring you have a secure shelter wherever you go.

A Camping Enthusiast’s Dream: As fellow camping enthusiasts, we poured our passion for the great outdoors into creating the ideal shelter for adventurers like you. Countless hours of testing and refining have resulted in a teepee tent that combines rugged durability with practical functionality, ensuring you get the most out of every camping trip.

Don’t settle for ordinary camping gear when you can elevate your outdoor experience with our Teepee Tent with Chimney. Embrace the call of nature while relishing the comfort and security our tent offers. Take the first step towards unforgettable camping adventures today!



Why Choose the Teepee Tent with Chimney?

The Teppee Tent with Chimney offers great functionality for campers and bushcrafters to explore with. It can sleep up to 2 or comfortably for 1 camper with a raised camp bed at the back. The tent benefits from a wider A-frame and omits the traditional central pole to maximise space and comfort. Airflow is guaranteed with its skillfully tailored triangular vents for taking in the summer night breeze, and T/C fabric ensures protection against UV light and overheating during the day. When the winter months arrive, the pre-cut chimney opening with stove jack and snow skirts for hot tent camping, and know that you’ll stay cozy and comfortable in freezing temperatures.

About terylene cotton: The T/C fabric is known for its rugged quality that’s thicker, heavier and more durable than the usual outdoor gear fabric commonly used. It’s also fire-retardant (safer to use next to campfires), efficiently blocks out sunlight and heat, and its unique material technology enables it to be more water-resistant with each use through the fabric’s interaction with moisture in the outdoors. Fabric performance can be enhanced by setting it up next to a river, stream, or even drizzle.


Teepee Tent with Chimney Details

| 210g/m² T/C fabric construction that’s highly durable, UV light protective, fire-retardant and condensation-resistant, with DWR coating offering 400mm waterproof rating

| 8.5*8.5ft² (2.6*2.6m²) floor space and 5.9ft (1.8m) tall when set up to sleep up to 2 campers with sleeping bags, or 1 camper with a raised camp bed, and additional space for storage and offers good airflow

| Ideal for camping, bushcraft, fishing, trekking, backyard camping, BBQ and picnics in the park, and other outdoor adventures

| Comes with tent stakes, guy-lines, stove jack, an A-frame tent pole set, and a double-handled stuff sack

Teepee Tent Specifications

Material: Terylene Cotton (65% Polyester 35% Cotton)

Dimensions: Folded 23.6”*7.8”*7.8”/60cm*20cm*20cm; Setup 8.5ft*8.5ft*5.9ft/2.6m*2.6m*1.8m

Stove Jack Dimensions: 7.8”*11.8”/20cm*30cm

Waterproof Rating: 400mm

Weight: 15lb/6.81KG


Teepee Tent with Chimney Package Includes

1 X Teepee Tent with Chimney

1 x Tent Stove Jack

14 x Tent Pegs

6 x 9.8ft/3m Guy-line

1 x A-frame Tent Pole (Includes Positioning Cord)

1 x Stuff Sack


1. For longer shelf life, air out to dry after use in drizzle, and store the tarp in a cool, dry place.
2. Always be cautious when starting fires in the outdoors to keep yourself and the campsite safe from fire hazards!
3. Please take measurements before placing your order to ensure the tent stove space and compatibility.
4. Pre-installed stove jack can be removed via hook-and-loop.
5. Never leave your teepee tent with chimney while the stove is in use. Always use CO detectors and maintain good ventilation while burning wood stoves inside your tent.

If you need camping equipment to go with your tent we have a selection and a choice of gas stoves or gas burners to cook it on.

Why not take a look at our selection of cooking & eating equipment or camping furniture to make your camping holiday the dream holiday you’re hoping for, we have everything you need for a wonderful break.

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Model Number


Number of Users







One Bedroom

Bottom Waterproof Index

<1000 mm


Four-season Tent

Outside Tent Waterproof Index

<1000 mm


Diagonal Bracing Type

Pole Material

Aluminum Alloy



Building Type

Construction Based on Need


1 – 2 Person Tent

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    I bought this with a tent stove for winter camping. The tent is good quality and easy to put up.

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