Tent Chimney Fireproof Cloth


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Introducing our Tent Chimney Fireproof Cloth – Your Ultimate Camping Safety Companion!

Are you a camping enthusiast who loves the cozy warmth of a firewood tent? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution to enhance your camping experience while ensuring safety comes first.


  1. Exceptional Flame Retardancy: Our tent chimney fireproof cloth boasts outstanding flame retardant properties. Crafted from high-quality silica gel glass fiber, the cloth is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, reaching up to a scorching 572°F (300°C). Now you can enjoy the comforting heat of your hot tent furnace worry-free.
  2. Tailored for Firewood Tents: Specially crafted to cater to firewood tent setups, this product is an ideal fit for any hot chimney tunnel. Whether you’re in the heart of the wilderness or nestled in your favorite camping spot, our fireproof cloth ensures you can indulge in the warmth of your firewood tent with peace of mind.
  3. Enhanced Tent Protection: Safeguard your precious tent from potential burns and damage. Our firewood stove tube’s scald protection ring provides an extra layer of defense, drastically increasing your tent’s longevity. For optimal results, we recommend using this cloth in conjunction with firewood tents.


  • Product Name: Tent Chimney Fireproof Cloth
  • Material: Fireproof Glass Fiber with a robust 5.0mm thickness
  • Size: Exterior – 23cm x 20cm (9.06in x 7.87in), Interior – 16.7cm x 19.6cm (6.57in x 7.72in)

Important Note: While our fireproof cloth is designed to handle high temperatures, please refrain from directly exposing it to open flames.

Elevate your camping adventures with the reassurance of safety and durability. Invest in our Tent Chimney Fireproof Cloth today and relish the warmth of your firewood tent like never before.


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